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About Us

Stars Travel is Taranaki’s largest travel agent. Founded in 1986, it is 100% owned and operated by Brent and Maree Schumacher. Approximately half our clients are from outside of the region, including many from overseas. Our team’s combined experience of over 170 years in the industry, along with their own extensive travel adventures and knowledge, place Stars Travel at the forefront of travel planning.

Brent Schumacher
Over 30 years in the industry.

Maree Schumacher
10 years in the industry.

Brent and Maree have travelled to Fiji, Samoa, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Tahiti, Marquesas Islands, Society Islands, Australia, Hawaii, USA , Europe, United Kingdom, Dubai, Egypt, Israel, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, South America, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Japan. They have been on several rugby tours and Incentive Tours, plus cruises in the Mediterranean, around Europe, the Pacific and Egypt (The Nile).

Lisa Sutton
25 years in the industry.

Has travelled to Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, USA (West Coast), Canada, Alaska, Bali & Bintan Island, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Brunei, Dubai, Oman, Israel, Egypt, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Croatia and Greece, plus cruises around Asia, South Pacific, Alaska and the Mediterranean, Tahiti, New York, Peru and Chile.

Alison Murfitt
12 years in the industry.

Has travelled to the Cook Islands, UK, Europe, Bangkok, USA (West Coast), Hawaii, Fiji and Australia.

Joanne Irvine
20 years with Stars Travel.

Has travelled to Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, China, Hawaii, USA, Canada, UK, France, Holland, Spain, Austria (skiing), Greece, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. She has also been on rugby tours and World Cup trips, plus a Caribbean cruise.

Emma Hinton

8 years in the travel industry

Has travelled to the UK, London, France, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, Swiss Alps, Netherlands, Ireland, West Coast USA, Hawaii, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Phuket, Australia, Cook Islands, Fiji. She has also been on a contiki of europe.

Caroline Nolly

Caroline has amassed a great deal of information about most destinations.  She has travelled extensively throughout the world.   

Justine Burgham  -

20 years in the industry

Has travelled to the UK and Ireland, travelled extensively through Europe on 2 separate Contiki Tours, Turkey, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Singapore, Thailand, Bali, Malaysia, Australia, Cook Island, Fiji, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa